Nostalgia and Fantasy

I’ve been reflecting on the ideas and themes that keep popping up in my work, and nostalgia is a biggy-big one. I’m adding some of my older writing about this here as posts mainly for my own reference.

Much of my focus on nostalgia involves nostalgia for something that was never real: Romanticism was nostalgic for a relationship with nature that never existed, Hollywood is nostalgic for a “perfect” Paris.

An area I’m excited to explore this idea with now is the fantasy genre. Fantasy literature has dominated my bookshelves since I learned to read, and it seems to me that it provides a similar sort of escapism to the Romantic dream of a simpler time. The worlds of “Tintern Abbey” or “Harry Potter,” were never real (despite being placed in real-world settings, at least for Muggles) — but in reading them, we can imagine the world and wish we were there instead of in our own.